executing a python script from another python script.

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sarmin kho  <sarmin_kho at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I ve created a GUI using Boa constructor and am now trying to execute a
>python script when pressing a button on the GUI. So, there will then be
>two main threads running (the GUI thread and the python script thread).
>The purpose of doing this is to enable selecting python script to be run
>from the GUI.
What you want certainly is possible.  I don't understand
yet what you want.

Please explain the user view again.  The user sees a GUI.
The user pushes a button.  "[T]he [P]ython script" begins
to execute.  Does the GUI need the result of the script's
operation?  Is the purpose of the button-push to run the
script, or to run it and receive a result?  Should the GUI
"block" until the script is done, or remain responsive to
other user points-and-clicks, or go on with other actions?
On what platforms do you want to run your application?

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