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Lothar Scholz llothar at
Mon Jun 14 10:14:25 CEST 2004

Ryan Paul <segphault at> wrote in message news:<pan.2004. at>...

> Ruby and Python really have a lot in common. The one you use should
> ultimately be based on your style and how you feel about programming. If
> you like lots of mutability, lots of functional idioms, and inline regular
> expressions, switch to ruby! If not, stick with python.

Or if you need real multithreading and WxPython. This are IMHO the
reasons not to switch to ruby. The python implementation is
technically much better. And the python libraries are still much
better then ruby.

As the person behind "" and
"" i can tell you that otherwise the language
are almost the same. For example from the 18000 lines of code for the
debugger about 2000 lines are different for this two languages.

But look yourself. A weekend should be enough for a python programmer
to learn ruby.

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