Python Wiki & wiki Hosting?

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Jun 8 10:39:39 CEST 2004

"Eric S. Johansson" <esj at> wrote in message news:<mailman.650.1086608869.6949.python-list at>...
> yes, he did not actually want to use word and if you notice I said "like you
> were in word". :-)

Yes, sorry: I afforded myself a rant about documentation in Word from
bitter personal experience of the subject. :-/

As far as editing tools are concerned, though, there are various
JavaScript/DHTML-based editing tools which give a pretty reasonable
WYSIWYG experience, producing HTML as output (obviously, since it's
all going on in the browser). You could then do various analysis on
the HTML to get Wiki-compatible information (if you really wanted to,
since it isn't strictly necessary), or go straight to the cutting edge
and produce some RDF. ;-)


> know we can blather on about how to make it work etc. but quite frankly,
> that's not my concern unless I'm writing the code.  I'm content to leave the
> determination of internals to the developer who makes it work.

Well, that's the most interesting part as far as I'm concerned. We
could wait for Microsoft to produce their own perverted implementation
of the concept and let them sell it to various punters for $150 per
CPU per user, or we could consider how it could be done and move a few
steps closer to working code (although I'm fairly sure that if this
hasn't been done, the components are ready and waiting for it to


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