API : constness ?

Andrea Griffini agriff at tin.it
Sat Jun 12 11:59:34 CEST 2004

Isaac To <kkto at csis.hku.hk> wrote in message news:<7ismdfydxm.fsf at enark.csis.hku.hk>...

> This is absolutely correct.  It is simply impossible to make relocations
> unnecessary, because the char* pointers stored in kwlist must point to the
> absolute addresses of the static strings, which cannot be determined until
> the python program actually loads the module (because, until then, we won't
> be able to tell what part of the address space is available).

And, supposing the pointers are declared constant, that can't be solved
by the loader using relocation entries ?

There are no architectures on which python runs in which executable
modules require fixups by the loader ?


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