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Fri Jun 18 03:08:14 CEST 2004

Eric @ Zomething wrote:

> Richard James wrote:
>>"Folks at the Scriptometer conducted a practical survey of which
>>scripting language is the best. While question like that is bound to
>>generate flamewars between the usual Perl vs PHP, Python vs Perl,
>>VBScript vs everything crowds, the Scriptometer survey is practical:
>>if I have to write a script, I have to write it fast, it has to be
>>small (less typing), it should allow me to either debug itself via a
>>debugger or just verbose output mode. sh, Perl and Ruby won the
>>competition, and with the difference of 1-2 points they were
>>essentially tied for first place... 
> Well, if you ask me (and I guess you did!) they have the second set of metrics practically inverted for how I evaluate a language.
> Perl, with this:
>     -e "/etc/mtab" or exit 1
> gains more than 2x the points over Python, because Python uses more than 2x the characters with this:
>     import os, sys
>     sys.exit(not os.path.exists("/etc/mtab"))

If you are using a high-level approach for a less-than-low-level
task, this is the expected result.

The quality of questions you ask gives an estimate for the
quality of answers you may expect.

In this case, you have found the optimal language for your
level of problems. Please stick with it, and don't use
Python. This is optimal for everybody. :-)

If your only tool is a hammer, your world looks like a bunch of nails.

don't-use-Python-if-you-don't-have-real-world-problems - ly 'yrs - chris

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