SNMP Toolkit

Les Smithson lsmithso at
Thu Jun 24 11:25:20 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Bell <lights at> writes:

    Matthew> Hi, I'm looking for a high-performance SNMP manager
    Matthew> toolkit (SNMPv1 / v2, GET / GETNEXT / GETBULK) I can use
    Matthew> with Python on Windows2K/XP.  I wonder if anyone has got
    Matthew> any suggestions?  Commercial software is fine, as it's
    Matthew> for a specialised in-house application.

    Matthew> I've tried PySNMP which, while a fine piece of code (I've
    Matthew> learnt a lot looking through it!), it's fairly CPU
    Matthew> intensive in my application.  I've also tried using
    Matthew> UCDSNMP via popen() but that has a tendency to hang in a
    Matthew> multi-threaded environment.

    Matthew> So, does anyone know of a solid, multi-threading capable,
    Matthew> fast SNMP library with a reasonable Python interface that
    Matthew> will run on Windows without me needing to get my head
    Matthew> round a C compiler to build it?  I know I should be all
    Matthew> manly-man and hew my own C-based SNMP library from
    Matthew> scratch but, basically, while I'm only a mediocre Python
    Matthew> programmer, the last compiled language I used was
    Matthew> COBOL...

    Matthew> Thanks!  Matthew.

Pysnmp is the only 100% pure Python SNMP implementation I'm aware
of. Perhaps you could address your program's inefficiencies instead?
What are you doing that's so CPU intensive? SNMP agents/managers that
I've worked on (admittedly not using Python) were always I/O bound,
rather than CPU bound.

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