pywin32 support for CreateTypeLib2

Phil Rittenhouse phil at
Wed Jun 30 20:33:18 CEST 2004

"Roger Upole" <rupole at> wrote in message news:<40c90045_1 at>...
> For some reason, the name of lib file that comes with the
> active debugging kit has changed.  I had to modify the
> project options for library files and replace msdbg.lib with ad1.lib.
>          Roger

Thanks Roger.  

I have uploaded the patch (finally), but I ran into a few other build
issues that I'd like to share in case someone else runs into them, 
or there are better solutions than what I used.

o In, the "pre_install_script" option does not appear to be
  supported by any version of distutils I could find.  Is it a customization?
  I just commented it out to get things to build.

o The following files appear to be missing from the source distribution for
  build 201: 


  I copied these from CVS, except for PyWin32.chm, which I copied from 
  site-packages after installing build 201.

o In addition to the MS Platform SDK you need the source files from Microsoft's
  Scriptng.exe zip file.  Copy them all to: \com\win32comext\AXDebug\src


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