mysql vs sqlite vs hsql

stan k. stanleykagan at
Thu Jun 24 08:02:23 CEST 2004

First of all i'm on a win32 platform using java. I also have mysql
installed. My question isabout benchmarks and multiple inserts &
I current have a mysql database of approx. 80mb. 
Each day I Insert approx .5mb of new records into this table,
and I might also run mutiple Update, Delete, and Select queries as
I'm trying to get an idea of how fast a sql database engine will run
given that is is inside of the JVM. I know it's going to be slower
than a db engine written in C and that's a trade off for being
portable to different operating systems.
What I want to know is how much of a trade off though - I don't want
to have to wait 10 mins or deal with screen freezing... Right
now on a windows platform using mysql things move really fast.
Can anyone give me an idea of the time delay needed to do these
Inserts in HSQL (ie: how much does the jvm slow things down)..
Thanks in advance

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