Something simular to java's hsqldb for python??

Steve Menard steve.menard at
Wed Jun 16 13:26:11 EDT 2004

pet100us wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there some program that is simular to java's hsqldb
> ( It is a relational database that can
> easily be used within a small java program without installing a MySQL,
> Postgresql etc. It is used within the same virtual machine whitout
> installing anything extra.
> Is there somthing similar for python? I need a small database that I
> can build into my application. When the program starts the database
> should start and when the programm exits the database can stop. I know
> that the samething could be done with xml files or binary files. The
> database has some advantages. e.g.  when I want to change the program
> that it uses a "real" database I dont need to replace much of the
> code. I just change the database driver an off we go. (the programmers
> dream)
> Thanks in advance
> pet100us

Others have mentioned SQLlite. There is also gadfly ( ) which while less efficient than 
sqllite, is pure python and thus more portable.


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