Python Speed Question and Opinion

djw dwelch91 at
Sat Jun 5 18:37:34 CEST 2004

Irmen de Jong wrote:

> Maboroshi wrote:
>> In my opinion  Python is the best language there is and I love it. The
>> reason for me asking these questions was because I saw a lot of people
>> trying to compare python to C and I had to find out what the big deal was
>> and why C would be a faster language - I like to know how things work -
> I have taken the liberty of taking a few of the comments made
> in this thread and writing them down here:
> I've added a few other things related to Python's performance,
> such as a short reference to Psyco.
> --Irmen de Jong.
I don't think I agree with your statement at the bottom that says "if 
all else fails, try Psyco." Since using Psyco is so effortless and may 
produce dramatic speedups, I would recommend to people that they try it 
before resorting to writing extension modules in C/C++. Sending people 
that are new to Python down the extension writing path may turn them off 
to Python altogether.


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