Modal dialog of a foreign window

Alexander Eisenhuth newsuser at
Wed Jun 30 09:25:26 CEST 2004


I've a wxPython Application on Windows that glues a 
database, Excel, and a GUI for configuration issues using 
COM. Works pretty good. In the next step I want to integrate 
the GUI-dialog more into Excel, so it should look like a 
modal toplevel dialoge of Excel.

I've a class for the main dialog derived from wxFrame, and 
doing on startup:
wxFrame.__init__(self, NULL, -1, cnfDesText, size=(800,600))

My Idea is now to give as parent the Window handle of Excel 
to the constructor of wxFrame.

Not sure how the window handle can be retrieved (VBA, 
win32-Extension, wxWindows, ...)

Any idea ??

Thanks a lot for all ideas, comments, hints in advance

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