Mozilla, XUL and the snake

Jakub Fast jfast at
Mon Jun 21 15:37:45 CEST 2004

deelan <ggg at> wrote in message news:<6ld6bc.5b3.ln at>...
> Jakub Fast wrote:
> > Does anybody know how far you can get nowadays with trying to use Python 
> > as the script language for XUL instead of JS? Is it possible (even 
> > theoretically) to write full-fledged applications on the Mozilla 
> > platform with python only?
> yeah, theoretically is it possible by using PyXPCOM:
> <>

Isn't using JavaScript the only way to call XPCOM objects from XUL? I
was aware of PyXPCOM, I was just wondering whether it was possible to
get rid of JavaScript altogether...


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