preftree 0.3 released

David Fraser davidf at
Wed Jun 2 13:37:06 CEST 2004

Donald 'Paddy' McCarthy wrote:
> Wilk wrote:
>> David Fraser <davidf at> writes:
>>> Following up on a promise in the Config discussion ...
>>> preftree has been released under the Python license.
>>> You can get version 0.3 from
>> thanks, it look a lot like yaml... Don't you think it could be a layer
>> on top of yaml ?
> The example shows string, integers and (nested) dictionary types. I
> presume floating point would be obvious, and is included but what about
> lists?

Floating point? Never! :-) I should add that.
Lists aren't included (which is something yaml does with different 
syntax), but the preftree approach would be to just have a number of 
elements. The inspiration for preftree was from the Mozilla prefs, where 
for example a list of mail accounts would contain account1, account2 etc.
What we need to do is make it easier to iterate over elements at a point 
in a tree.


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