wxPython syntax

OKB (not okblacke) BrenBarn at aol.com
Sun Jun 27 21:05:02 CEST 2004

Grant Edwards wrote:

> The bottom line is that un-pythonic syntax of wxPython reflects
> the un-pythonic syntax of the underlying C++ library.  

    	I've noticed this, and I must say it irks me.  It seems as though 
wxPython is simply providing a way to drop C++ code into a Python 
program, which is, needless to say, undesirable.  (I mean, Python is 
NICE.  I use it so I DON'T have to learn ugly C++ stuff.)  I don't want 
to sound harsh, but why is it like this?  I suppose the obvious answer 
is "it's easier to do it that way", but it still seems like it would be 
nice if there were a real PYTHON GUI library.

--OKB (not okblacke)
Brendan Barnwell
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