Using Python with SyBase

Tomasz tomasz_widomski at
Wed Jun 30 12:54:01 CEST 2004

Hello Francois,

Thank you for repling.

I am exately interesting in old ex-wotcom sql oriented products. At the
moment I still use old WatCom 4.0 but I like to transfer to new ASA
products. Becouse I am not so happy with visual products (Visual Basic,
Power Builder etc.), I am looking for nice languague I can easly write
front-end screens in text mode. Python gives me a good fealling for that it
seams it is what I am looking for. I am bit afreraid for stability of Python
and for speed relaibility (it is just an interpreter only).

Please let me know your opinion if any.

Best Regards,


U¿ytkownik "francois lepoutre" <franck.lepoutre at> napisa³ w
wiadomo¶ci news:40dbbf6b$0$16984$79c14f64 at
> Hi,
> > Does anybody expirience Python for writing user
> > front-end screens for SyBase-Anyware database ?
> Sybase Anywhere ASA (ex-watcom sql) is an
> odbc-orientated dbms solution from Sybase.
> We have been succssful using it from python via
> mxodbc both on linux (some tweaking may be
> required) and win32 (plain easy).
> I have no experience or feedback of ASA
> connections through FreeTDS.
> It should work as well... I'd be glad to hear
> that it does:)
> François

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