shared file access in python

Lev Elblert elbertlev at
Wed Jun 23 21:05:46 CEST 2004


I do not know what kind of msvcrt module you have, but here is the
output of relavant commands on my machine:

>>> import msvcrt
>>> str(msvcrt)
"<module 'msvcrt' (built-in)>"
>>> print msvcrt.__doc__
>>> dir (msvcrt)
['LK_LOCK', 'LK_NBLCK', 'LK_NBRLCK', 'LK_RLCK', 'LK_UNLCK', '__doc__',
'__name__', 'get_osfhandle', 'getch', 'getche', 'heapmin', 'kbhit',
'locking', 'open_osfhandle', 'putch', 'setmode', 'ungetch']

out of all functions, probably kbhit and getch are used, to control
multythereaded applications from console.

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<ZcOdnWZyxboXbUvdRVn-jw at>...
> Lev Elblert wrote:
> > 2. msvcrt.lib does have a lot of functions, but not msvcrt module in
> > Python. (correct me if I'm wrong)
>  shows there are a variety
> of functions there (try typing "import msvcrt" as well), but I can't
> see that they have what you need.
> -Peter

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