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On 18 Jun 2004 23:08:27 -0700, Dan Bishop <danb_83 at> wrote:
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>> Hi
>> I've been considering how to optimize map data structures for a tile
>> based Python game. However, since I'm a Python newbie I lack
>> experience with Pythons 'exotic' data types like lists and tuples, and
>> thus I'm unsure whether such types could solve my problem.
>> My basic thought is this: If my world map consists of 80% water and
>> 20% land, then why reserve full data-structures for all the water
>> tiles?
>> I'm looking for a way to do the following:
>> My World Map object should likely be a standard (x,y) array of Tiles
>> (unless there's a better way?)
>> Each Tile has a boolean/one-bit value: 0 or False for Water, 1 or True
>> for Land.
>A better way is to have the class hierarchy like
>class Tile(object):
>   def __init__(self, ...):
>      # data that any Tile can contain
>      self.armies = ...
>      ...
>class WaterTile(Tile):
>   pass
>class LandTile(Tile):
>   def __init__(self, ...):
>      Tile.__init__(self, ...)
>      # data specific to land tiles
>      self.building = ...

I think you are confusing two separate concepts here: the concept of 
a terrain type, and the concept of a location.

A terrain type is something like "water", or "hill", or perhaps 
"hill with coal resource". You can ask a terrain type questions like 
"how many movement points does it costto move onto / off of a square 
of this terrain type?"

A location is something like "grid reference (x=20, y=32) on the
map". You can ask a location things like "what armies are on this 
location?", or "return a reference to the location to the north of 
this one".

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