what editor do you use?

Michael Anckaert michael.anckaert at pi.be
Mon Jun 28 17:47:34 CEST 2004

Steven Rumbalski wrote:
> Michael Anckaert wrote:
>>A friend of mine uses emacs and we held a 'speedcontest', we had
>>to edit a file with our editors and write some code. Me and vim were
>>about 50% faster than him and emacs.
>>But I don't want to start any vim vs. emacs flamewar :-)
> I suspect you would be 50% faster even if you both used notepad.  This
> comparison is meaningless without a baseline comparison in an unfamiliar
> editor.  Perhaps you are simply a faster typist.  Perhaps code flows more
> quickly from your brain.  Perhaps you were more familiar with the file to
> be edited and the problem domain.  We cannot know the reason that you
> performed this particular test more quickly.
> I too use vim.

I wasn't more familiar with that file, we just did some basic editing. 
Removing lines, adding words, navigating to a certain point, etc.
But it is true that I'm a better typist than him ;-)

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Kind regards,
Michael Anckaert
michael.anckaert at pi.be

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