Attention, hyperlinkers: inference of active text

Paramjit Oberoi p_s_oberoi at
Fri Jun 18 20:38:34 CEST 2004

> The design breaks down more annoyingly by the time we get to 
> the "file" scheme, though.  How do the rest of you handle this?
> Do you begin to make end-users quote, as in
>   The secret is in "file:\My Download Folder\dont_look.txt".

Some thoughts:

1. The quoting certainly seems like a good idea, and one that is
   applicable even if other other approaches are also used.  Plus,
   it is consistent with how most shells handle this problem.

2. You can special case common filenames like "Program Files",
   "Documents and Settings", "My Music", etc., (the precise list
   would depend on your environment & usage).

3. You could conceivably look in the filesystem (or even on the web) to
   check which names/URLs are valid... but I think this could be a bad
   idea because the program's behavior become non-deterministic.  It might
   confuse users.


PS: I've never encountered this problem myself, so this could all be wrong.

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