shared file access in python

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jun 23 22:40:51 CEST 2004

Lev Elblert wrote:

> Peter!
> I do not know what kind of msvcrt module you have, but here is the
> output of relavant commands on my machine:

You misread the message below, I believe.  You seem to think I was
the one saying that the msvcrt module did not have lots of functions...

Also, please don't top-post.  Thank you.


> Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<ZcOdnWZyxboXbUvdRVn-jw at>...
>>Lev Elblert wrote:
>>>2. msvcrt.lib does have a lot of functions, but not msvcrt module in
>>>Python. (correct me if I'm wrong)
>>  shows there are a variety
>>of functions there (try typing "import msvcrt" as well), but I can't
>>see that they have what you need.

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