How to get process info from python

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Tue Jun 8 01:13:44 CEST 2004

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 "Gardner Pomper" <gardner at> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already looked at those modules. Do
> you have a command in mind? I can only find process information about the
> python process and its parents and children.. if I want to see a list of all
> processes on the system, or all processes for the current user, I don't see
> any way to get that.

There isn't any support for this in Python.  Normally when saying
something like that, I could half expect someone to pop up with
a module or something, but in this case I feel relatively confident
that no such module is widely supported.

On Linux and *BSD platforms, you can get this information from the
/proc filesystem instead of "ps", but it's still fairly platform
dependent.  Of course that won't work on AIX.

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