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Christopher Baus christopher at
Thu Jun 3 10:36:45 CEST 2004


I'm new to Python and am learning the languge for writing test scripts for

I just finished reading this:

article.  Coming from C++ I am a bit confused about the relationship of
the interpreter to main.  I think I understand the __name__ variable, it
just doesn't work as expected.

I implemented a script using the form described in the article.  The then

> python
>>> execfile("")

This immediately called my main function, which should have only been
called if __name__ == "__main__".

What I expect was that __name__ would be something other than __main__ and
I would be put back at the prompt for instance...

>>> execfile("")
>>> foobar = "foo and a bar"
>>> main(foobar)

That way I could pass any arguments to main or do processing before
calling main.  The article mentions calling main from the interactive
prompt, I just don't see how to do this.

Thanks for your help...

Christopher Baus
Tahoe, Wine, and Linux. What more could you ask for?

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