embedded python?

Lars lars at post.cz
Tue Jun 29 19:03:17 CEST 2004


Python (at least version 1.something) was running fine on my Psion 5mx 
(36 Mhz ARM, 16MB RAM). No problem.


Alexander May wrote:
> Hi,
> I love Python!  I've been using it for a couple of years now and have found
> it to be a highly productive language.  I evangelize it to my developer
> friends and am probably responsible for the sale of at least 10 Alex
> Martelli books.  I am now in the fortunate position of being able to use
> Python for a large project, and as such I have a question.
> We are developing a distributed application running on approximately six
> thousand nodes with somewhat limited hardware resources.  Our hardware
> target is 66 MHz ARM style processor with 16 Mb ram.  We haven't selected
> specific hardware yet; the hardware target is what we are trying to fit into
> based on price constraints.  Each device needs to be able to handle about 2
> kbs (yes kilo, not mega) worth of network traffic.
> I intend to a least prototype the system in Python.  It would be great if we
> could we could use Python in production by embedding it in the hardware.  My
> question is does anyone have any real world experience using python in an
> embedded system?  Two general categories of questions:
> 1) Are there any embedded Pythons out there?  The nodes will likely be
> running some form of Linux, but I don't particularly feel like devoting
> resrouces to porting python.  Any embedded Linuxes supporting Python?
> Thoughts in general?
> 2) What are the resource requirements of Python?  How much overhead do the
> network related modules add?  Obviously I'll be able to determine our
> application's resource usage once the prototype is written, but I curious
> about other people's past experience.
> In short, is embedding python realistic?
> Thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Alex

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