Python 2.3.3 signals, threads & extensions: signal handling problem

fishboy fishboy at
Sun Jun 6 08:19:26 CEST 2004

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004 14:48:05 +0200, "Holger Joukl"
<Holger.Joukl at> wrote:

>migrating from good old python 1.5.2 to python 2.3, I have a problem
>running a program that features some threads which execute calls to
>an extension module.
>Problem is that all of a sudden, I cannot stop the program with a keyboard
>interrupt any more; the installed signal handler does not seem to receive
>the signal at all.
>This happens both if I rebuild this extension using python 2.3
>and if I simply use the old extension (ignoring the API version warnings
>Any hints?
>Btw this is a sun sparc solaris 6 box, python 2.3.3.
>  Holger*

Looking at this search leads me to believe:

1. Threads + signals = bad

2.  at some point things were changed to send all signals to the main
thread. (python)

Which leads me to believe that your signal handler is in a sub-thread?


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