ANN: PyMedia 1.2.2( Python mutlimedia framework )

Dmitry Borisov jbors at
Sun Jun 13 21:52:06 CEST 2004

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that PyMedia 1.2.2 is out.

What is it ?
PyMedia is a media library for Python based on the following libraries:
  libavcodec,  libavformat,  libdvdcss, libdvdread

It has simple interface and yet powerfull for multimedia apps written in

1. Audio decoding/encoding for the following types:
   - mp2, mp3, ac3, ogg, wma
2. Video decoding/encoding for the following types:
   - mpeg1,2 ( dvd, vcd, svcd ), mpeg4, xvid, asf, mov
3. Video/Audio muxing for mpeg files only
4. Direct access to sound device( Input/Output ). Input is synchronous in
5. Sound manipulation classes such as Resampler and SpectrAnalyzer
6. Direct access to cdda tracks for easy grabbing and encoding Audio CDs
7. Direct access to dvd tracks for playing DVD movies( all types )
8. Ability to convert video frames from YUV<->BMP formats
9. Simple interface and portability( Windows/Linux/cygwin )

What's new
This version includes these interfaces for better multimedia experience:
1. pymedia.sound.SpectrAnalyzer - analyzes sound in frequencies or bands
2. pymedia.sound.Input for grabbing sound from the external devices such as
3. for converting frames YUV<->RGB(A)
4. cygwin can be used to compile pymedia

Just check the and download the latest
1.2.2 ).
You may download Windows binaries if needed.

How to use
First of all you can see PyCar application( Windows only at this time ):

Also you may find some really handy scripts in examples directory( see gz
tarball ).
These are:
   Video player: requires:
        pydfb( )
        pygame 1.6 patched with Overlay support:
            Linux patch at:
            Windows installer:
   Audio player:
   CDDA grabber:
   Video recoder:,
   Audio recoder:
   Sound Recorder:
   Funky audio player with some visualization:

Next major release 1.3.*
It will feature:
- usb support for easy handling the usb devices
   ability to write drivers in Python for devices that does not require
realtime speed
- more sound handling classes( Mixer, Equalizer )
- more codecs for audio playback( ape, flac, aac )
- support for better muxing of avi, asf, mov

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