python service problem

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 24 16:08:42 CEST 2004

Larry Bates wrote:
 > "David Fraser" <davidf at> wrote:
 >>One thing I noticed about the first computer is that, even after
 >>uninstalling everything, there were some registry entries to do
 >>with the installed services.  I could not delete these entries - I
 >>got an access denied error (details below)
> I can tell you that I use InnoInstaller to do my installations
> and have it "clean" up during uninstallation by removing the
> left over registry keys.  If you cannot remove them, I would
> suspect a "rights" issue (no administrative rights?).

For what it's worth, in a possibly related situation we just
encountered something similar.  In our case it was not a service,
but a COM server (using ctypes or win32com, running as LocalServer32
which launches pythonw.exe in the background).  On my machine
I've had no troubles, but on a remote machine there were
"access denied" errors whenever the developer tried to "-unregserver",
which removes the registry entries.  I believe he tried removing
them manually as well, but could not.  It was a long-distance
thing, so I couldn't troubleshoot it myself...

I theorized there was a leftover process running, but after
checking over the task list he insisted there was not anything
active that could be doing this.

A reboot cured the problem, and so far we haven't seen it

He definitely had administrative rights, so it wasn't that.  I'm
positive it was a leftover "lock" of some kind, but I don't
know anything about that area of Windows so we just moved on.

My point is that it may not even be limited to the service
stuff, but could be a little broader, maybe more fundamental
to doing these kinds of background things using Python
under Windows.


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