How to draw points of a curve

dimfox lwliuwei at
Fri Jun 25 16:24:51 CEST 2004

Thank you for the reply,

But can you explain a little more? How to do the manual plotting? With
which function? I am really new to this thing.

Thank you

"Mitja" <nun at> wrote in message news:<vfSCc.5635$37.739850 at>...
> dimfox <lwliuwei at>
> (news:5e692f7f.0406241917.7b08940c at wrote:
> > Hi, I am new to Python.
> >
> > What I need to do is to calculate a curve and display it at the same
> > time. I don't want to use the gplt.plot() because I need to show the
> > animation of the curving growing.
> >
> > Which package should I use? Which function?
> Maybe there's a more elegant solution, but I'd go for manual plotting and a
> slight delay before drawing each of the pixels (or rather segments to avoid
> any empty spaces in case of steep curves)
> >
> > Thank you

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