pywin32 support for CreateTypeLib2

Thomas Heller theller at
Wed Jun 30 21:57:20 CEST 2004

phil at (Phil Rittenhouse) writes:

> "Roger Upole" <rupole at> wrote in message news:<40c90045_1 at>...
>> For some reason, the name of lib file that comes with the
>> active debugging kit has changed.  I had to modify the
>> project options for library files and replace msdbg.lib with ad1.lib.
>>          Roger
> Thanks Roger.  
> I have uploaded the patch (finally), but I ran into a few other build
> issues that I'd like to share in case someone else runs into them, 
> or there are better solutions than what I used.
> o In, the "pre_install_script" option does not appear to be
>   supported by any version of distutils I could find.  Is it a customization?
>   I just commented it out to get things to build.

It is officially supported in the Python CVS version.
Maybe it should go into the 2.3 branch, but this would break the 'no new
features' policy.

But you can copy the head CVS distutils tree into the Python 2.3
installation, and then build the installer with 2.3.


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