does python have useless destructors?

Carl Banks imbosol at aerojockey.invalid
Mon Jun 14 23:02:02 CEST 2004

David Turner wrote:
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>> > I don't need to know whether my function is the sole user of an object
>> > and it falls to me to free it when I'm done, because the system takes
>> > care of that.  I get it, I use it, I forget about it. 
>> The problem is, you can't always afford to forget about it.  Sometimes
>> you have to make sure that at this point in the program, this resource
>> has been released.
>> If you're relying on garbage collection to do that for you, you're
>> asking for trouble.
> Carl, this is why we're suggesting a mechanism other than garbage
> collection to deal with this.

Replace "garbage collection" with "automatic finalization" and
everything I just said is just as true.

> This is exactly how CPython works at the moment, bar one exceptional
> case which needs to be fixed.

What case is that?

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