How to run from the Email Message Module.

Chuck Amadi chuck at
Thu Jun 3 16:08:21 CEST 2004

Im running $ python -d /home/chuck/surveyResults
What parameters do I use I have tried substituting msgfile fp = open(msgfile) 
for my given path (/home/chuck/Mail/Inobx) still no joy please explain what im 
missing Im using the example from

unpackmail ins't a command So using [option] and msgfile 

Thus get this prompt>

Unpack a MIME message into a directory of files.
Usage: unpackmail [options] msgfile
    -h / --help
        Print this message and exit.
    -d directory
        Unpack the MIME message into the named directory, which will be
        created if it doesn't already exist.
msgfile is the path to the file containing the MIME message.

Cheers Sorry for sounding thick please point me in the right direction on 
howto to use the python script.


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