Compilers/Interpreters books?

Ognen Duzlevski maketo at
Fri Jun 25 06:28:42 CEST 2004

Hrvoje Blazevic <hrvoje at> wrote:
> Hrvoje Blazevic wrote:
>> Are there any good books on Interpreter/Compiler construction, using 
>> Python as a defining language out there? Something like Essentials of 
>> Programming Languages 2e ?
>> I would appreciate some pointers
> After 48+ hours without answer, am I to assume that no such books exist, 
> or that the Python itself is not up to this task?

Hi Hrvoje,

I am curently writing a flowcharting tool (for C) in Python. It is up to the task. There are many books on compiler 
construction, some online resources (see the resource on parsing from, there is also a free online book 
linked from there). I am not sure if there is a book on compiler construction that addresses the implementation in 
Python though. I think it is more important for you to be familiar with the theory behind compilers and the 
implementation should then be easier, regardless of the language. Others have already pointed out the basic literature.


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