Passing parameters using **kargs

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>Or if you don't care, or want to intercept invalid calls.  Interestingly,
>the OP's example is the beginning of a possible debug wrapper usage where
>one either does not have a function's code or does not want to modify it
>directly.  Possible example:
>_f_orig = f
>def f(*largs, **kargs):
>  print 'f called with' largs, 'and', kargs
>  f(*largs, **kargs)

You mean

  _f_orig(*largs, **kargs)

I prefer this version:

def debugParams(func):
    def debugger(*args, **kwargs):
        for arg in args:
            print type(arg), arg
        for name in kwargs:
            value = kwargs[name]
            print name, type(value), value
        return func(*args, **kwargs)
    return debugger

f = debugParams(f)
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