two silly questions

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Jun 3 10:25:20 CEST 2004

| I have written a program that polls an email account, then pulls down
| the email
| I am using win2k.  
| the two questions are:
| 1.  when i want the program to run in a loop,  ie. poll the pop3
| account every 60 seconds,  it runs the first time, then it goes into
| 'not responding mode' thereafter,  sometimes.    Any thoughts?  I was
| using sleep(60) but it just hangs,  as i said before,  it does not
| always do that either!

We really could do with a code fragment here. For example,
the following (entirely artificial) example runs fine in
the Python interpreter on my win2k machine. (I don't use
the PythonWin or any other Python shell):

import time
while 1:
  print "Still waiting..."
  time.sleep (10)

I realise that your program is more complex than this, but
I wanted to illustrate that (a) time.sleep works as expected
on Win2K and that (b) some code examples could help.

| 2.  I wish to use this program at work,  I took in an earlier version
| yesterday that just wrote the data to a text file,  I wanted to make
| sure the polling thing worked. on microsoft exchange [i know that it
| should,  but you never know!!]  and it does .  When i was there, i
| managed to get the code to run just by double clicking on the code
| ICON,  seem to remember doing something with 'open with' can't seem to
| do it here at home.  
| Both systems run win2k.  did i do something sublimilally without
| realising it?  what did i do i cannot remember,  i have tried opening
| with etc.  when i do this all get is a burst of the 'black windows
| box' just in the same way as putting in 'cmd' on the run thing,

Have a look at the Python FAQ for Windows:

which I think answers your question. If not, then post again and see if
can't help you out.


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