Teaching Python

Mediocre Person mediocre_person at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 12 19:57:44 CEST 2004

Leif K-Brooks wrote:
> Mediocre Person wrote:
>> So, what pitfalls should I look out for in introducing Python to 
>> students who have had a year of Visual BASIC?

> If at all possible, I would recommend changing the Visual Basic class to 
>  RealBASIC (http://realbasic.com/). It's not perfect, but it has proper 
> OO support, and would make the transition to Python much easier. Even 
> better would be teaching basic Python to the VB class and more advanced 
> Python to the 12th graders; 
Using Python for the early class is not out of the question--but I'd 
want to find an environment that mimics (or improves upon) VB's 
brilliantly (forgive me) easy model of designing the gui and then 
programming responses to events. Someone mentioned SPE, which I haven't 
seen in action yet.

Python's biggest strength is allowing
> beginners to use simple OO or even procedural techniques without ever 
> noticing the advanced stuff like list comprehensions and metaclasses.

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