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Fri Jun 4 09:41:54 EDT 2004

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Reiner Block  <reiner.block at> wrote:
>E.g. at the moment I'm working on capisuite for Linux and want to change and
>enhance many things. One is the sending of emails with a fax or voice as an
>attachment because at the moment it is just a call of sendmail. But I've no
>sendmail and I CAN NOT install it. So I have to see how to take the
>email.MIME... and send it by the SMTP module. :-) 
I'm sure your end goal can be achieved.  I don't understand
your description.  It is NOT necessary to have sendmail or
Python to emit e-mail with attachments.  If you *want* to
use sendmail or Python, yes, that, too, certainly is feasible.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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