Pythonwin version puzzle

Paul Keating google at
Mon Jun 28 10:20:57 CEST 2004

I have a problem with pythoncom for Python 2.2 crashing when returning
a complex object across the COM interface as a function result.

The problem is described in the thread "Python COM - limit on
size/complexity of returned object?" and I won't repeat it here.

I thought I might have a damaged installation and so I ran the Python
test suite and the pythoncom test suite. The Python test suite checked
out. The pythoncom test suite failed in many cases.
1. The array test failed because there is no COM server called
PyCOMTest.ArrayTest, but I can't find anything in the test suite that
registers this server.
2. The cscript test failed because it tries to open files with mode U.
But mode U was only introduced in Python 2.3 (PEP 278) so this should
not be in the pythoncom test suite for Python 2.2.

So it looks like I have a version mismatch, which is probably entirely
sufficient to explain the crashes. But I installed Pythonwin from
pywin32-201.win32-py2.2.exe. Pythonwin reports itself as "PythonWin
2.2.3 (#42, May 30 2003, 18:12:08) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32."

Both Python and Pythonwin were installed on a clean machine with no
previous versions. Any ideas on what I should try next? The obvious
thing would be to install 2.3 but I am working with embedded Python,
and 2.2 is the version that is embedded, so that is not really an
option. It would just move the mismatch problem.

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