Python 'Lets Me See The Forest'

Eric @ Zomething eric at
Sat Jun 5 22:15:52 CEST 2004

Kamilche wrote:

> Wow, you must be quite skilled in the intricacies of Python, then. Do
> you have a web page where you share pearls of Python wisdom? From my
> Google searches, it appears pages like that are still very necessary
> in this language. :-)
> I wish I had a better book on it, or the online reference was more
> comprehensive.

I picked up a copy of Programming Python, by Mark Lutz [] and have found it very helpful.  Even though I picked up the old first edition (by mistake, should have gotten the 2nd Edition!) it is full of pearls, a lot of wisdom that would have taken me a fair while to discover on my own.  I can pick it up, read for 15 minutes, and have sharper tools in my Python shed.

You might check out that book - if you find its pearls trivial, then you may be wiser than you realize (and I will look forward to absorbing the pearls of Python web page you'll be writing for folks like me)


LINK:  <A HREF="">Programming Python, by Mark Lutz</A>

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