finding the right data structure...?

David Hoare dave at
Fri Jun 11 00:28:30 CEST 2004

Hi all...
I'm a python newbie, migrating from a fair bit of VB experience.

I have an application in VB that I was using as a sample to 're-create' 
it using python. It involved storing information about sound and light 
cues (this was for a lighting / sound theater controller).

The data was stored like this:
- a custom 'type' called lightCue which looked like this:
> Type lightCue
>     Name As String 'optional short name
>     Description As String 'optional longer description
>     CueLine As String 'optional line in script where cue occurs
>     upTime As Single 'time for lights fading UP
>     downTime As Single 'time for lights fading down
>     chanLevel(0 To maxChan) As Single 'stored intensity level (0 to 100) for each channel on the lighting console
> End Type

I then created an array...
	dim lq(1 to 200) as lightCue
...allowing me to iterate through the list of cues for any information I 

I am struggling to come up with a similar (in function) way to do this 
in Python. Any ideas? I think I understand about classes, but then I 
need to 'name' each instance of that class when they are created, don't I?

Thanks for your guidance!
David Hoare
dave at

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