mutable default parameter problem [Prothon]

Mark Hahn mark at
Fri Jun 25 02:06:33 CEST 2004

Christos TZOTZIOY Georgiou wrote:

>> Or, he might just want you to repeat it a third time. ;-)
> I am actually reading through Usenet... the newsserver link is fast,
> but the arrival order of posts is not guaranteed, so I don't read
> messages in the same order as people using the mail list.  Often I
> post a reply to a single message, only to find in the next
> synchronisation that others did reply even earlier than me saying
> more or less the same things.  Other times I don't bother, saying
> "somebody else will reply to this trivial question", and next day I
> find out that everybody else thought the same as I did.  That's
> Usenet (sigh).

I'm sorry if I was rude.  It is always when I make a stupid remark on a
public forum that I am asked to repeat it :-)  No one ever asks me to repeat
a witty gem.  (Of course maybe that never occurs).

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