Les Smithson lsmithso at
Tue Jun 22 18:04:53 CEST 2004

I find the pysnmp API non-intuitive, but maybe that's just me. I've
been thinking about writing a wrapper for it that makes it look more
like the SNMP++ object model, which I'm much more comfortable with.

That said, I did manage to use it to get stats from an ADSL
router. This is a fragment that retrieves and returns the value of a
single OID.

  def getVal(s, oid):
      encOid = s.encode_oid(s.str2nums(oid))
      req = s.encode_request('GETREQUEST', [encOid], [])
      answer = s.send_and_receive(req)
      i, v = s.decode_response(answer)
      val = map(s.decode_value, v)
      return val[0]

The pysnmp examples directory has a that shows you how to
do a MIB walk, using GETNEXT requests.

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