ANN: PyGMP 0.9 (Python GNU Multiple Precision Library wrapper)

Heiko Wundram heikowu at
Thu Jun 3 00:57:47 CEST 2004


PyGMP is a wrapper for the GNU multiple precision library. It currently sports 
two types, GMPi (for doing integer arithmetic), and GMPrand (for handling 
random numbers).

PyGMP has been specifically created with the goal to enable users to subclass 
the GMP* types to add additional user functionality in Python. Otherwise, the 
library should be functionally equivalent to GMPy or mxNumber, except having 
been written from scratch explicitly for GMP 4.1.*, and being somewhat 
cleaner in implementation (11 source files, not 1).


UNIX-like operating system (has not been tested under Windows, and probably 
won't run unchanged) with gcc
GMP 4.1.* (advised GMP 4.1.3)
Python 2.3.* (advised Python 2.3.4)


PyGMP is released under a BSD-license, see the source archive for more 


Heiko Wundram <heikowu at>



- Create wrappings for the mpr and mpf types of GMP.
- Document the plugin architecture for supporting other types natively in C,
  when GMP changes.
- Add more documentation for functions.
- Handle corner cases like division by zero, etc. more gracefully.
- Add Windows bindings.


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