Non GPL Python MySQL Client Library.

Hank Fay hank at
Mon Jun 28 21:19:50 CEST 2004

Except that Python does not "link" the library, it simply calls it.  The
distinction made in the document seems to be whether the library is linked.
When module A calls module B, is that different than calling module b from
the shell, in terms of viral infection?  Probably a point for lawyers to


"Leif K-Brooks" <eurleif at> wrote in message
news:2kb85fF9s6hU1 at
> Christopher T King wrote:
> > Libraries licensed under the GPL can be used without GPLing the code
> > uses them - you only have to GPL any extensions you make to the library.
> No they can't, that's what the LGPL is for.

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