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Tue Jun 15 22:53:31 CEST 2004

Steve Menard <steve.menard at> writes:

> Harry George wrote:
> > Brendan J Simon <BrendanSimon at> writes:
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>I have a Java application from a company.  They also provide an API in
> >>C++ (MSW platforms only) and Java (for all platforms) for developers
> >>that want to create their own front end.  I want to use wxPython to
> >>create a decent Unix opensource frontend.
> >>
> >>Is it possible to Interface python to a java application easily ???
> >>
> >>Assuming yes to above, would something like Jython or SWIG or some other
> >>tool be required.
> >>
> >>Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> >>
> >>Regards,
> >>Brendan Simon.
> > I've asked this before, and the consensus answer seems to be to wrap
> > the Java functionality (using Java) as an XMLRPC server.  Write the
> > Python to call it as needed.
> >
> This may be the consensus, but it is not the only
> possibility. Additionally, the performance hits of RPC calls may not
> be acceptable.
> Take a look at JPype ( ). It is still in
> the early stages of development, but shaping up quickly.
> Unless you have to extend a Java class, JPype should allow you to take
> full advantage of any Java library within a few weeks. In fact, if you
> do not need callbacks at all, it can do so right now.
> As stated above, JPype is still beta software. The developper do
> answer question rather quickly, and try to be responsive in the face
> of bugs.
> And yes, I am the main developper :)
> Cheers,
> Steve

Excellent.  I'd had hopes for JPE, but never got it to run.  I'll give
JPype a try.

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