Generic database dictionary access

Michael Fuhr mfuhr at
Mon Jun 14 03:52:07 CEST 2004

"Edward Diener" <eldiener at> writes:

> Has there been any movement in the 5 year time span since the 2.0 API
> was published to add richer generic functionality for relational
> databases as regards data dictionary access ? I fully realize that each
> major RDBMS has its own methods for programatically querying its data
> dictionary, and I suspect that there is no common SQL specification for
> doing so, but I would think that richer functionality along these lines
> might be welcome to Python database programmers other than myself.

SQL defines INFORMATION_SCHEMA as a standard way to query metadata,
although not all databases implement it.  Google for more info.

Recent versions of PostgreSQL support INFORMATION_SCHEMA -- here's
the doc:

Michael Fuhr

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