Debugging Python with Emacs

Peter Milliken peterm at
Mon Jun 14 23:50:08 CEST 2004

Not sure what you mean here as I haven't seen the pydebug plugin referenced
(or jEdit for that matter  - once you discover Emacs you require no other
editor :-)).

But you do realise you can run Python from within Emacs (C-c ! from within
any buffer visiting a .py file) and thence import pdb (and your module to
debug) and debug directly there? This allows you all the benefits of running
Python from a command line and getting all the edit features of Emacs
available at the same time. In fact this is the way I debug pretty much all
of my code.


"Wezzy" <wezzy at> wrote in message
news:1gfdsc1.xki45v1xowbeoN%wezzy at
> Hi all, i've just seen the pydebug plugin for jEdit and my question is :
> is there something similar for emacs ?
> i'm looking for a debugger frontend, a very simple program, just set
> breakpoint, execute one line and show variables' values
> ty
> -- 
> Ciao
> Fabio

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