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Thu Jun 24 15:17:26 CEST 2004

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> I'm pretty desperate to get color syntax printing. I just tried out
> the evaluation version of 'Komodo', which several people in here
> suggested, and its print features are terrible. The text is coming out
> huge when I print at 8 point, tiny when I'm printing at 14 point (so
> tiny that it looks like subscripts), the margins are reset at random,
> and so on. Plus it doesn't recognize all my fonts.
> I don't care if the pretty printer is in an IDE. I just want color
> printing with headers and footers! And I wanted it automated - I don't
> want to have to print each one by hand, I want to start them all
> printing and walk away. It has to be able to print in larger fonts
> reliably, because 10 point is too small for my computer-weary eyes.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> --Kamilche

Try SciTE which can be downloaded free from

It will print[*] any of its supported languages in colour, or can export to 
HTML, Rtf, Pdf &c. The latest versions are scriptable (in Lua) so you 
should be able to automate the process if you really have that many files.

Headers, footers, and fonts are all configurable through properties files 
(and I expect configurable from scripts as well).

[*] Direct printing only works on windows, on other platforms you can 
convert to pdf or html and print that.

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