simple script to read and output Mailbox body to file.

Chuck Amadi chuck at
Tue Jun 8 16:48:56 CEST 2004

Nice One I was thinking I was going mad at home this works .
But $ less /var/spool/mail/chuck produced no output.

I use scan+ to check and go thru users email folder . i.e

cd /home/User/Mail/Inbox <Folder in Question> say spam Folder

> scan +Lottery > show 1 example below:

chuck at sevenofnine:~/pythonScript> cd /home/chuck/Mail
chuck at sevenofnine:~/Mail> ls
:0     Chuck       drafts  Inbox      mhnjVMtAk  pete   post2ic2cT  post57nXqr 
 postG9QD2D  postW78Qle  Root       spam
Beth   chucksMail  from    mbox       Operator   Pete   post2iybnf  post8ReyCU 
 posthArGZR  postz5FN1w  rootMail   trash
chuck  context     inbox   mhn9VVBQf  outbox     Pick6  post4XPUvv  postc6DZgu 
 postnnglMC  Rhys        sent-mail
chuck at sevenofnine:~/Mail> scan +spam
   1  06/08 Woolwich Internet  Attention aII Woolwich clients.<<This is a 
multi-part message in MIME format.
chuck at sevenofnine:~/Mail> show 1
(Message spam:1)
part 1     text/plain  

Does this explain my delemour.We use procmail , fetchmail and sendmail


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