pywin32 support for CreateTypeLib2

Philip Rittenhouse phil at
Thu Jun 10 17:16:27 CEST 2004

In article <mailman.742.1086766857.6949.python-list at>, 
theller at says...
> As Roger already said, upload a patch to the pywin32 project.

Will do.   I'll rewrite my changes to add CreateTypeLib2 support
rather than replace CreateTypeLib, and then upload it.

I have a build question that I hope you can answer though:
 My build works fine except that the axdebug module is not built.
 It looks like it wants msdbg.lib, but I don't know where to get
 this file.  Any suggestions? 

> OTOH, it should (hopefully!) been easier to do it with ctypes - I assume
> creating typelibs isn't that performance critical.  Currently
> can use but not create typelibs: creates ctypes Python
> wrappers from type libraries - my plan it to also create typelibs from
> the Python wrappers.

I did look at ctypes for my project (generating COM servers)
but it didn't seem to be quite ready to do everything I needed.
The pythoncom stuff seemed to be more stable too.


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