Non GPL Python MySQL Client Library.

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jun 29 07:14:19 CEST 2004

François Pinard wrote:

> The BSD license was a bit
> verbose about Berkeley (this might have changed, I did not check
> lately), but I surely rewrote a few modules in `tar' and `cpio' to get
> rid of the long blurb, when I was maintaining these, a good while ago.

Pretty darn easy to check these days:

I prefer the even simpler unless I have
a darn good reason to pick something else.  So far it's been
either proprietary or MIT, no other choices required.

This site has all the other popular open source licenses on it,
so now nobody has an excuse for not including any license on
code they release.  Yay. :)

> Vern Paxson, the Flex author, did not want the GPL in Flex, but the BSD
> license instead, and has been very careful to avoid any usual library
> routine in Flex for that reason (like `getopt' and `gettext', to name a
> few).  We once were arguing licenses over a meal, and he got me laughing
> to tears by saying: "I do not want to be forced to be free!".

To me that's a very profound statement, not a laughable one.


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