wxPython syntax

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Sun Jun 27 20:49:08 CEST 2004

In article <40df14b6$0$78546$a1866201 at newsreader.visi.com>, Grant Edwards wrote:

>> I've started taking a look at wxPython, and, well, I've
>> noticed that the syntax needed to code with it is extremely
>> ugly.
> Yup -- we just had this discussion a couple weeks ago.

Google the group for the subject line "Don't understand wxPython ids".

The bottom line is that un-pythonic syntax of wxPython reflects
the un-pythonic syntax of the underlying C++ library.  Two of
the fundamental decisions that makes wxWidgets complex and
difficult to work with compared to most other widget sets are

 1) Using the "object-ID/event-ID" scheme to hook handlers to
    events rather that making handlers attributes of widgets.
    It's a more general/powerful scheme, but for small apps
    like I write it's just gratuitous complexity.

 2) Making the widget hierarchy separate from the layout
    hierarchy.  Again, it's a more general and powerful way to
    do things, but for the small apps I write it's added work
    and complexity with no benefit.

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